30 Best Gay Jokes 2022

We recently discovered that most of our website visitors are older than 18 years. Let’s just have some fun. We will share gay jokes. By the way, we are a channel for the empowerment of LGBTQ. And equality is part of empowerment and the normalcy that comes with being LGBTQ. Equality means you’re open to having fun and accepting of yourself. This blog is about having fun, so don’t take offense to the jokes.

These jokes were written by gay people, and they are quite funny. If you’re still reading this, I believe we share a similar sense for humor that allows others to feel included.

Best Gay Jokes You can’t Stop Laugh

Two gay men climb the stairwell.

“Why does it suddenly smell like sperm in here?” the second guy inquires of the first.

“Oh apologies, I just farted,” the first response.

How many gay guys does it take to change a lightbulb?

One. Otherwise, it would turn into lovemaking.

Why are gays so knowledgeable about clothing?

They spent the first decade or two of their lives in the closet.

One day, when a man discovers he is gay, he goes to a gay pub and takes a seat at the bar in the hopes of finding a date.

Two men sit on either side of him, and one of them lets out a very light, airy fart. A few seconds later, the man on the right lets out a soft, airy fart as well. Our new guy bursts out an extremely loud and raucous fart, not wanting to be the odd man out who doesn’t fart.

“Ha, virgin,” says the man on his left looking to the man on his right.

A lesbian couple and a gay couple are planning a cross-country road trip. Who will arrive at their destination first?

Lesbians, to be precise. They’re going 69, while the boys are still at home packing their shit.

What do you call two gay guys in a sleeping bag?

A fruit roll-up.

What do you call a gay boxer?

Fruit punch.

Did you hear about the gay cowboy?

He rode into town and shot up the sheriff!

What is the favorite saying among gays?

We can’t have babies… but it doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying.

In a musical instrument store, how can you detect a gay?

It’s them who’s licking the organ.

Do you know where top gays go when they are sent to hell?

A bottomless pit.

Why did the gay man get fired from the sperm bank?

He drank on the job.

Is there a difference between a gay man and a refrigerator?

When you pull out your meat from a fridge it does not fart.

A young gay man visits his Jewish mother and tells her that he has decided to come out of the closet since he has met a wonderful girl with whom he intended to marry. He assures his mother that she will be happier because he knows how upsetting his gay lifestyle has been for her.

She expresses her excitement and hesitantly says, “I guess it would be too much to anticipate that she will be Jewish?” He informs her that the girl is not only Jewish but also comes from an affluent Beverly Hills family. Her father is a physician.

She expresses her surprise at the news and inquires, “What is the name of this amazing girl?”

“Monica Lewinsky,” he says.

After a little pause, his mother inquires, “What happened to that nice black boy you were dating last year?”

Why are all these politicians, closeted gays?

Cause they can only mandate.

A condom floats up in the center of a hot tub full of three males.

One guy looks at the others and says, “Okay, who farted?”

What do an ambulance and a gay guy have in common?

They both load from the rear and go ‘WHOOOOOOOOO.

Three gay guys had died and were being cremated. Their lovers happened to be at the funeral home at the same moment, and they were debating how they would dispose of the ashes.

“My Ryan liked to fly, so I’m going up in a plane to disperse his ashes in the skies,” the first man stated.

“My Ross was a good fisherman,” the second man explained, “so I’m going to sprinkle his ashes at our favorite lake.”

“My Jack was such a fantastic lover,” the third man continued, “I think I’m going to pour his ashes in a pot of chili so he can tear my a** up one more time.”

What do you call a bouncer at a gay club?

A flame thrower.

On a first date, what do gay men bring?

A condom.

On a second date, what do gay guys bring?

What 2nd date?

What’s the hardest part of rollerblading?

Telling your father you’re gay.

There was this guy who strolled into a bar and ordered ten shots of whiskey from the bartender.

“What’s the matter?” the bartender inquires.

“I found out my brother is gay and married my best buddy,” the man says.

The same man returns the next day and wants 12 shots of whiskey.

“What’s wrong this time?” the bartender inquires.

“I discovered that my son is gay,” he says

The following day, the same man enters the bar and demands 15 whiskey shots.

“Doesn’t anyone in your family enjoy women?” the bartender continues.

“Apparently my wife does,” the man replies as he glances up.

When four gay men come into a gay pub, they discover a problem. There’s only one more stool available.

“Let’s flip for it,” one man offers.

“No, let’s flip it over,” says another.

What does a horse eat?


What does a gay horse eat?


What do you call a gay milkman?

A dairy queen.

What do you call a gay dinosaur?


A man decides that he would want a pet and visits a pet store.

He notices a parrot resting on a small perch with no feet or legs after glancing around. “Geez, I wonder what happened to this parrot?” the man exclaims aloud.

“I was born this way,” the parrot explains. “I’m a faulty parrot.”

The guy laughs and says, “Ha, ha.” “It sounded like this parrot understood what I was saying and responded.”

The parrot declares, “I comprehend every word.” “I am an extremely bright and well-educated bird.”

The guy asks, “Yeah?” “Then tell me how you hang on to your perch when you don’t have any feet.”

“Well, this is a little embarrassing,” the parrot adds, “but since you asked, I’ll tell you.” I make a small hook out of my parrot penis by wrapping it around this wooden plank. Because of my feathers, you can’t see it.”

“Wow,” the guy adds, “you can truly understand and respond; can’t you?”

“Yes, of course. I am bilingual (Spanish and English). On practically any issue, including politics, religion, sports, science, and philosophy, I can talk with remarkable expertise. And ornithology is one of my specialties. You should buy me since I am a wonderful friend.”

The gentleman sees the $250.00 price tag. He declares. “I’m sorry, but I can’t afford it.”

“Pssst,” the parrot hisses, waving one wing over the man. “Because I don’t have any feet, no one wants me. You can get me for $25.00 if you make a reasonable offer.”

The man makes a twenty-five-dollar offer and leaves with the parrot. Weeks pass, and the parrot continues to amaze. He’s interesting; he’s hilarious; he’s a fantastic friend; he understands everything, empathizes, and offers sound advice. The man is overjoyed.

When the man returns home from work, the parrot calls out, “Pssst,” and motions him over with one wing. The man approaches the cage closely. “I’m not sure if I should tell you or not,” the parrot says, “but it’s about your lover and the mailman.”

“What?” the man inquires.

“Well, when the mailman came to the door today, your lover greeted him in a pair of briefs that revealed everything and kissed him on the mouth,” the parrot replies. The parrot takes a long pause…

“What went wrong? What went wrong? “asks the agitated individual.

“That is what irritates me. I’m not sure “The parrot remarked. “I got a hard-on and fell off my f*cking perch,” says the narrator.

What’s the most commonly used pickup line in gay bars?

“Can I push in your stool?”

How do you know when you’re at a gay Barbeque?

When the hot dogs taste like shit.

Two deer emerge from a gay bar.

“Man, I can’t believe I blew $20 in there,” one admits to another.

What is the world’s most dangerous slide for children?

Your throat.

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