Where is Queen Elizabeth? -Health Condition, Rumors and Facts

Because of difficulties with her mobility, Queen Elizabeth II will not be present on May 10 to start the new session of the United Kingdom Parliament. According to reports from The Guardian and Buckingham Palace, the Queen will not be attending the state opening of parliament. Buckingham Palace provided this information. In the United Kingdom … Read more

Tomato Fever Symptoms, Cause, Treatment, Precautions

The outbreak of a new virus in Kerala comes only days after a young girl lost her life after eating a shawarma wrap from an eatery outlet in Kasaragod, Kerala, after contracting a bacterium known as Shigella. According to reports in the local media, Kerala has already recorded 82 instances of ‘Tomato Flu’ or ‘Tomato … Read more

Monkeypox Virus Infection, Symptoms, Precautions, Cause, Treatment

According to medical records, a person in England who has a history of travel to Nigeria has been diagnosed with the monkeypox virus. The Health Security Agency of the United Kingdom has verified the presence of a rare viral illness that is identical to smallpox in a patient. At Guy’s and St. Thomas NHS Foundation … Read more

Measles Disease Symptoms, Caused By, Vaccine, Cases right now

Measles is an infectious illness that produces a high fever, a red rash, coughing, and red eyes in susceptible individuals. It may lead to significant consequences such as encephalitis, which can, in turn, result in hearing loss in some instances. Getting vaccinated against measles disease may help. The number of measles cases is increasing at … Read more

Russian President Putin Health News, Rumours & Truth Analysis

The health of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the subject of renewed suspicion after he was spotted grasping a table during a meeting. As much as his rationality has been called into doubt due to the decision to attack Ukraine, the president’s physical condition has also been the topic of heated discussion in recent … Read more

Corbevax Vaccine – Shot registration for 5-12 Years Old Approved

India has been working hard to increase vaccination coverage among children and adults. Earlier this month, it was determined that booster dosages were safe for all individuals. It is important to note that in many regions of the nation, schools’ physical courses have restarted due to the most recent round of approvals. In the previous … Read more

Maria Sharapova Pregnancy News, Months, Her Routine, Health

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova attended a meet-and-greet with her fans before the St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy-2019 tennis tournament match in St. Petersburg, Russia. Sharapova has announced that she is expecting a child. Maria Sharapova pregnancy news came through a social media post on Tuesday, April 19, 2022, which happened to be her 35th birthday … Read more

Covid Cases in India Today – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore City wise

On Tuesday, the health ministry urged three states and the union territory of Delhi to enforce adherence to Covid-appropriate behavior, with a particular focus on the use of masks in crowded locations, a day after India recorded a 90 percent increase in daily cases. According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, a … Read more

African Swine Fever Breaks Out in India, Mizoram, Tripura are confirmed

A team of specialists from Agartala’s disease investigation Center arrived at the farm and immediately organized quick reaction teams to deal with the crisis on the farm. “For testing, on April 7, three samples were submitted to the North Eastern Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. On April 13, they got the PCR result, which verified that … Read more