Smplmart 2022 How to Recharge from Smplmart 2022

It is an online portal that allows buying recharge at a much lower cost than the market value. Low prices attracted a lot of people reading the blog. In this blog, we are going to answer the question arriving in your mind. 

Do you know what smplmart is?  Have you ever wondered how Smplmart works? How can others gain profit? And what can you do to gain the same profits? 

 Read the full article, by the end, you will know how you can use this website!

What is Smplmart?

It is popularly known as SUBHOTAM Multitrade Pvt Ltd) is a multiple level marketing programs that provide the user the recharge in a lesser amount than the market price. Smart is an Indian website that lets you buy and purchase products online. 

As mentioned above, Smart recharge is based a multi level marketing. Now, the question is how the smplmart works? 

Here is the answer, it provides various recharge offers for the service providers like Airtel, Jio, Vodafone. In brief, first, a great account, buy a token, and then enjoy the recharge offers. 

What are the benefits? 

The only benefit of this website is that you will get your recharge done at almost half price. There are multiple offers that help you with the cost of recharge plans. But how? 

To enjoy the offers of Subhotam Multitrade Private Limitedthere is a simple process you need to know. Stay tuned with us and will know!

Is Smplmart fraud?

This Website also known as Subhotam Multitrade Private Limited News is one of the popular websites to recharge at lower prices than the market price. Whenever someone is providing something of less value the sense of fraudulent scheme immediately sticks in our head. 

And here, the case is the same. Smart directly reduces the prices to half. It’s obvious to doubt. In the next few sections, we are going to know smplmart is a fraud or not. 

 If you want to know in terms of money loss, Yes! 

This website provides no policy in situations where your money is stuck or in case the transaction is incomplete. By chance you are unable to use a token then there is no guarantee which ensures you will get your money back. 

And the other you can consider smplmart is considered fraudulent is sometimes the website does not even open. So, the credibility and reliability of the Smplmart start to affect from there. 

Despite all the issues, the website still has a huge number of visitors. People in need come here and if you are lucky then it won’t cause you loss but in the case you are the one stuck, them  there are very few options available. 

Therefore, use smart at your own risk. This article is just for educational purposes.  We are not promoting the use of websites.

What are Recharge plans? 


Smplmart is a Recharge Plan website and the most obvious question is what are current recharge plans? 

Smplmart provides various plans offering recharge lower prices. Below are some of the plans currently available : 

  • Rs. 599/- mobile recharge (100/ Per Month for Recharge)
  • Rs. 1249/- Mobile recharge
  • Rs. 1599/- DTH Recharge

The above ones are the only sample plans. You will a lot more when you will log in.

What is the recharge Process? 

Recharge is a really simple process, anyone can log in and then recharge from these plans. If you are also looking how you can Recharge from Smpl mart then follow these steps : 

  • Step 1: First you need to visit your services provider’s website. There you have to search for current plans available. Find the one you’re invested in. 
  • Step 2: Then you have to Purchase the token from your Smplmart account. These to the lens may cost you the amount.  
  • Step 3: Search the plan/ token you are looking for. Find,  purchase tokens and activate the plans. That’s it, your work is done. 

Like any other plan, you can recharge in the next  28 days. The recharge plans depend on the token you purchased. Token will determine the value of recharge. With one token you can only recharge one mobile number and after using the token is going to expire. 

The summary is, find, purchase and activate! 

Well, these steps are easy for an already created account, but in case you don’t have a smplmart account then go and create the account. Read the above section to be aware of how you can create an account. 

How to login into Smplmart? 

To enjoy all the above benefits of recharge offers, first, you need to log in and Smplmart plans are unique. Everyone desires to enjoy the half prices of the tokens. These deals are enticing but all the things come down to one thing, log in. To solve the issue we are going to tell you how to login in smart portal.  

The first step in smplmart is difficult, anyone can’t login or create an account in smart. To login, you need a smplmart agent who will create an account. Smplmart agent will give you an id and password and later you can change the password on your own. 

Only smplmart login is a hard process while other steps are just simple and easy. Here is a summary of the smplmart log in details : 

Step 1: First contact any smplmart agents. They will create your account.

To create an account you will need two basic details : 

  • Phone number and 
  • Name

Step 2: Change the password after the account is successfully created. Remember the password. 

Now you only need to log in using a password. To recharge, find plans and then purchase the plan. Now, this process sounds much easier.  


We discussed how you can log in to smplmart and what are the various steps to get started with smplmart. Even if you are a newbie then also you can start to use smplmart. 

So, what are you waiting for, visit smplmart and start buying tokens!

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