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Spotiflyer : As the world is growing every day, A number of companies are being founded on a regular basis. For example we have many OTT platforms for entertainment. But an average user can not pay and subscribe to all of those platforms. Similar thing is happening with the music industry also. There are so many different music apps who try to acquire rights of new songs So that people will subscribe to their services. But this doesn’t mean that there are not any solution for it. Applications like SpotifFlyer which allows you to listen and download all the latest as well as old songs without any cost. Let’s take a look at the SpotifFlyer and learn the importance of the applications like it in the life of an average user.

What is a SpotiFlyer application?

SpotifFlyer Is one of a kind platform where you can stream and download songs and other entertainment  medium without any subscription fee.

It’s completely free to use and one of the best part about SpotifFlyer is that it do not even have any ads on the platform.

You can use SpotifFlyer to download any song in MP3 format and YouTube videos in any format you like. Other than that you can also play those downloaded videos or songs in any external player you like.

Which platforms are available in SpotiFlyer?

In the world full of companies as an average user you cannot buy the subscription of all of the applications so that you can listen to newly published songs without streaming it online again and again. 

Applications like SpotifFlyer always try to help the users by Providing a platform which is completely free to use and it also helps you save your internet data 

Currently it supports six platforms and you can search your favorite songs new or old and download locally so that you can use without any internet data connection.

  1. Gaana App
  2. Spotify
  3. YouTube
  4. Jio-Saavan
  5. YouTube music
  6. SoundCloud

Other than these six mentioned platforms, the developers of the application are committed to add more platforms in near future.

Features of SpotifFlyer

With the introduction of the application SpotifFlyer You might have understand that the application has a lot of features and benefits or the user. let’s take a look at few of them.

Save internet data

From the long list of features of SpotifFlyer, saving your Internet data is one of the topmost priority. Even though in the 21st century Internet data has become cheaper.

But this doesn’t mean that we are free to waste our Internet data on single thing again and again. And when you play any song or video with You Tube or any other streaming platform you waste your data by listening to one song more than once.

No Ads

Even if you find application like YouTube which let you play many songs without any charges but to get benefit they show you many ads. And these add do not let you enjoy your free time and disturb you with unnecessary disturbance.

SpotifFlyer is one of the few applications which do not show any kind of ad so that users so that users can have seamless experience. The application is committed to not show any ads.

Open source

SpotifFlyer Is an open source program that means the developer of the application allow everyone to edit and use the application as they like. If you want to add any function and you know how to do it you are free to do it.

Because it’s open source program you can also do the changes and improve the application. If the developers like your changes they will officially roll out your update and you will be the part of the amazing application.

No other applications will let you do the changes on there program of the application. And you got stuck with the wrong update until the developing team do the changes.

No subscription

No application or service is free these days. Everyone wants to earn money as much as possible. Better than developing team of SpotifFlyer application is committed to help an average user without any cost.

That is why SpotifFlyer is a free to use application. you will not find any subscription plan Or ad while using the application. 

Available on Multiple Platforms

One problem we face after buying any subscription is the availability of that application on different platforms. Not all of the major applications are available for every single operating system out there.

But SpotifFlyer currently support every single operating system platform available in the world.

The team of SpotifFlyer is committed to add more platforms to the application with the new developments.

Smooth experience

Do not think that SpotifFlyer is completely free to use application which is also an open source program that is why it is going to have a bad user experience.

SpotifFlyer is written in Kotlin which is world class application development platform. And applications build by Kotlin are know to provide the best in class experience. 

How to install SpotiFlyer?

Due to its nature of providing the paid data of different applications Without any cost SpotifFlyer breach the terms and conditions of many different application stores. 

That is why SpotifFlyer application is not available on Google Play store, Apple App store. first of all you have to visit GitHub to download the application of desired platform. 

For the example purpose we are going to take Android APK and install it on Android 10.

  • First of all open a web browser and click on the link Download SpotifFlyer 
  • Now scroll Down to the install section of the page.
  • Now click on the Purple image with written Android-APK.
  • Once you have clicked on Android-APK. It will automatically download the required file.
  • Now go to settings of your mobile device and search for Unknown sources. And turn the unknown sources On.
  • Once you have turn on the Unknown sources, go to the download section of your browser and click on the App you just downloaded.
  • Now click on Install and you are Good to go.

Download Spotiflyer Apk

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